A runner's camera (advice needed)

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Re: A runner's camera (advice needed)

Dear m43rds users,

The new love of my life is long distance running. As you all understand, I would like a camera that I can take with me on my long runs. It would be used for shooting landscapes, but more often lying shoved into a pocket on my backpack or fueling belt. As a current 43rds user I will probably make the transition into m43rds some day, which is why I choose to post in this forum. I'm currently considering something like E-PM2 coupled with Panasonics 14/2.5. Although I would prefer the E-M5, and weather sealing could prove useful, it might be a bit too large to fit in my pockets.

So, am I doing the right thing or is this a mistake? A few things to consider:

- Do you think that these cameras would stand the bouncing involved in running?
- Is a plastic bag enough to protect them from rain and sweat?
- Do you think the E-M5 could take some rain, even when coupled with a non-sealed pancake?
- Anything I'm missing? Are there m43rds equipment more suited for this purpose?

I'm very grateful for your advice!

Would it stand up to the bouncing? That would depend on how bad it is... A fairly gentle and regular rhythm I probably wouldn't expect a problem with, but a lot of it will come down to how you secure and cushion it - have it in a suitable case, suitably mounted and it should dampen the vibration hugely and be nicer on the camera. Have it in a plastic bag in a belt pack that flops back and forth and I can see it being bad...

A plastic bag appropriately sealed should do the job, but remember that every time you use the camera, you will be transferring some of teat sweat and water back into the bag with the camera, which if it is worse enough will definitely ruin it (the salt in sweat is not good for electronics). I would probably look to one of the roll top waterproof sacks you get in an outdoors shop - I use these for storing electronics in the wet and they have always held up, and add some silica gel and that will help with any remaining condensation.

The E-M5 is weatherproof, so should be more than capable in normal conditions. The 14mm *isn't* sealed, so will be the failure point. The pairing should theoretically be better than a non weathersealed body, but you still have that ingress point that could ruin everything should the water hit it right.

To be honest I would have to agree with the other posters in saying that an E-M5, while superbly compact compared to an SLR, is still a notable size and weight. In long distance running where weight is a big issue I would wander if it was worth sacrificing some image quality for a smaller camera - the Sony RX100, the Canon s110 and similar are all superb cameras, have 28mm or wider lenses and are a fraction of the size of the E-M5 in terms of weight and bulk. Only you can answer that question though, as it will depends on yoru chosen ratio of photography to running.

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