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Robert Schoner Senior Member • Posts: 1,040
Re: Dell XPS 8500/Question

Hi Again Jim,

Thanks for getting back so quick,

I missed your comment about the 2 bays. I have accumulated a few hard drives over the years  with data on them so I just keep adding. One day I'll get some new, bigger ones and transfer. I think the combination of bays would work for me.

I asked about the PCI slots because I have a Coolscan 4000 that needs a Firewire port. My current ASUS P5B MB has one but I also have a PCI card that I could use if a machine does not have a port.

It looks like Dell has gone almost completely Windows 8. In the Outlet Store I only found one with Windows 7 and that was about $1400 IIRC.

Bob Schoner

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