Will I be happy with the x20?

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Re: Will I be happy with the x20?

Part of the decision is focal length needs, part is probably financial. Fuji has rebates through 3/30 in the US, some lens choices may be cheaper than others.

The 18-55mm is roughly equivalent to a 28-85mm on your 5D, max aperture 2.8-4.0. That gives you focal length versatility, but puts you at the higher ISO range indoors and gives more dof than a faster prime.

The 35/1.4 has an efl of 50mm on a 5D, two stops+ faster than the zoom so shallower dof, lower ISO. But pretty tight focal length. The 18/2.0 efl is 28mm, on stop faster than zoom, slightly shallower dof, wider view.

If you had to start with only one lens on your 5D, would you want a 28/2.0, 50/1.4 or 28-85/2.8-4.0?

makes sense.

if I go with the X-E1 , would the zoom lens be enough?

I cannot justify bothe 18-55mm and 35mm.

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