just got my first printer (R3000) . what consumables to buy?

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Congrats! Some tips on refillables..

Lol.. I laughed too hard @ the insurance bit :). Great advice. I had not thought of making sure it worked out of the box like it should .. Definitely using oem's for now.. And I'm picking up Some Costco paper today .
Thank you .

I will just chime in and say that you made a good choice: start with the OEM's, get to know your printer and enjoy the wonderful output. Consider getting 3rd party inks and carts while you use up the OEM set.

I also have the R3000 and got into printing less than a year ago. I am running the OEM carts, but I have 2 sets of refillable carts and a set of InkRepublic inks waiting for the OEM's to run out. Meanwhile, I got myself a used R220 plus a set of 2 refillable carts + inks just to get a hang of the refilling process, and I'm glad I did: there are quite a lot of things that can go wrong, actually. I struggled with the R220, but eventually I managed to tame that.. uhm.. pesky machine!

I experienced e.g. the following:

1) Ink flow problems due to loss of vacuum / faulty carts: this manifestates itself as sporadic missing channels/nozzles. Initially this looks like clogged nozzles, but it gets very random - at times you will have the channel working normally and everything looks great, but the channel might disappear completely after the next cleaning cycle or power on, because there wouldn't be enough vacuum to draw a continuous flow of ink. Also, do remember to pull off the vent plug from the refillable cart and prime the cart after the initial filling before popping it in the printer for the first time! I did not remove the vent plugs and my first nozzle check with the refillables was completely empty!

2) "Cart not recognized" messages: usually this required a power cycle, but with the R220, this causes an automatic cleaning cycle every time the cart was recognized, which in turn caused all sorts of problems due to wipers and pads getting soaked with ink. This problem combined with the loss of vacuum is a particularly nice combo...

3) Problems with individual refillable carts: in the worst case, this can manifestate as a combination of points 1 and 2, in that you can have a cart which is not being recognized by the printer every time and which also has ink flow problems. When I started experimenting with the R220, I was constantly having problems with magenta. It would work for a while, but then cut off abruptly after a power on or self-clean. I fussed with it for quite a long time, and was nearly ready to give up, but I thought I'd try a new magenta cart (I had 2 sets). I filled the new cart, popped it in, and magenta has been perfect ever since. I couldn't believe my eyes after the first nozzle check / purge page - perfect magenta every time. Carts really aren't made equal.

Anyway, I would have pulled my hair off had I started my voyage into 3rd party land with my brand new R3000. Any time the R220 was giving me trouble, I would just fire up the R3000 and print a couple of images. I am now quite confident about using refillables in it, and I think it will actually be less fussy than the R220, as the ink flow system is completely different.

Good luck and let us know if you have any problems!


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