Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: Their cameras all look dumb...

Well, Canon and Nikon will get some mirrorless customers, especially those that are current canon and nikon lens owners that are in love with there lenses.

Sony's Nex Line is a joke! the 7 sucks, with its video overheating issues, and poor QUALITY Lenses! I did not buy the Nex 7 to use old glass and different adapters and lose many body functions! There lens line is soft, I know, I have three of them I'm trying to get rid of.

MFT's is very cool, Why? Because there is an extensive selection of MFT's lenses that matches many of canons lenses except there super zooms. Plus the MFT's lenses are super light weight, and priced reasonable as compared to canon and nikon.

Panasonic has got it going on, I would never switch to canons eos-b or what ever the He__ you call it. I don't and many other people don't want those boat anchor lenses either, if you think that's BS then why has the Mirrorless market even emerged. Ziess, schmisse, is over priced, good optics? Some. Many don't have OIS. Sony may bale out there E-mount and nex line, we'll see, I'm tired of waiting and I'm now committed to the MFT's mount and the Panasonic GH body line, especially the GH3.

If canon really wants to kick up the Mirrorless market they need to come out with a small body like the Sony Nex line, and a complete line up of killer smaller lenses that match there bigger lenses. But I don't think they will because they can't get away from there boat-anchors tied around there ankles. What I love about the MFT's market is they created from scratch a complete new platform with a nice array of lenses and accessories that are of a very nice quality.

Thank you, Olympus and Panasonic! Samsung screwed up they should have gone MFT's

But they got caught with the Ricoh crap, that's dying faster than the canons M line.

Soon as I can Dump my Nex Crap, I'm gone MFT's GH3!

Your comments re Sony lenses is patently absurd. For starters, check the performance of the Sony 35mm 1,8; the Sony 10-18 zoom, the Sony 18-200 zoom. And the kit 18-55 is an excellent kit zoom. Yes, the mft range is more extensive and more truly qualifies as a fully developed system. But most people should have no problems finding quality glass that meets their needs in the Sony e mount range. And now the really small lenses are starting to appear as well. In two weeks, the 20mm pancake. And we haven't started to look at the third party e mounts that are slowly increasing.

PS. All digital megs need sharpening. Sony by default set their sharpening a little lower than many others. Have you tried adjusting the sharpening settings?

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Mike Fewster
Adelaide Australia

I've been shooting digital since Namoo was a Minnow! I have the Sony Nex7 and a Sony VG20 camcorder, I also have there 16mm pancake, complete waist of money, you would be lucky to get $65.00 US for it on the used market. I also have there 18-55 kit, another joke, soft in the corners, and soft overall, I also have the 18-200mm Zoom. acceptable, but not stellar.

I don't want third party lenses, and all kinds of adapter crap to make things work. Sorry, you need to use some Nikon & Canon L glass to see where you don't need post sharpening, I want the lens to resolve it's natural sharpness through the body design not handicapped and fixed in post. If you have and like Nex lenses, I have three for sale!

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