External Microphone for NEX-7?

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Re: Sony ADPAMA Auto-Lock Shoe Adapter?

What external (stereo) microphone can be used on NEX-7? I would prefer something small, light and under $150.

What's more is that I will be using my D800e, with NEX-7 as backup. I took about 30% videos. I am considering the Nikon ME-1 external stereo microphone for D800e. Is there a way to adapt to the NEX-7? Most probably, I will need a hot shoe adapter. How about the "microphone communication protocol" with camera? Conversely, how about a microphone for NEX-7 to adapt for D800e?

Can video lovers out there please help? Much appreciated.


Found this Sony adapter "Adapt Alpha Shoe to Multi-Interface Shoe". Anyone uses it? Is this become hotshoe as that on NEX-6? This should provide more flexibility, and can allow the use of Canon/Nikon flash on NEX-7? Maybe some of the auto flash features will not function. But it should provide flash triggering, at least?

And with the 3.5mm of the socket of the NEX-7, will this enable the use of Nikon ME-1 microphone on NEX-7? To what degree will the ME-1 functions on the NEX-7 work? Technology is great. But technology enables and eases my usage is even better.

Like to hear from your experience, dear fellow forumers.


Yes, the Multi-Interface Shoe (MIS) is the shoe that's on the NEX-6, the A99, and the newer model Handycam camcorders. It's meant to unify the shoe type across several Sony product lines going forward. It has the form factor and pins of a traditional ISO (not iISO) hotshoe, as well as several extra pins tucked in front that allow pinouts for all sorts of stuff.

The ECM-XYST1M, a new microphone for the Multi-Interface Shoe, could also be used in the iISO (Alpha) to MIS shoe, and would connect via an included stereo cable from the microphone's mic out port to the NEX-7's mic in port. The MIS shoe would not provide electronic contact for that microphone, just a place to mount it. The connection would be via the mic out cable provided in the box with the ECM-XYST1M.

Similarly, the Nikon ME-1 appears to mount via a (physically) ISO-type shoe. And, it has a stereo audio cable coming out of it. So, I don't see why using the ADP-AMA (http://store.sony.com/p/Sony-Alpha-Auto-Lock-Shoe-Adapter/en/p/ADPAMA) Alpha to MIS shoe adapter wouldn't work as a mounting location for that Nikon microphone, just the same as it would for Sony's ECM-XYST1M (http://store.sony.com/p/Sony-Camcorder-and-Camera-Microphone/en/p/ECMXYST1M).

As far as flash compatibility, that's a bit trickier. I know with the ADP-AMA you get full flash support for the newer MIS Sony flashes (their product names end in "M" instead of "AM"), and you get (I believe) manual only flash support (triggering, no TTL or other fancy stuff) for ISO-type flashes (I've used an old Vivitar 285HV in the Multi-Interface Shoe). But, I've only used Sony flashes and that old Vivitar, so I am less sure of my answer on that point. To your question though, it does definitely provide flash triggering.

Thanks Golfpan.

My main interest is on the video compatibility.  (The flash thing is just a bonus).

I am thinking the same way as you.  Since D800e and NEX-7 has the same mic plug-in socket, so the Nikon ME-1 microphone should be ok with NEX-7.

Now need a couple hundred bucks. 

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