Will I be happy with the x20?

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Re: Will I be happy with the x20?

Both X100 and X100S both have fixed lens, X100S should be a bit better at ISO 3200 but not hugely better. The X100 is already pretty darn clean.

Haven't seen much X20 output yet, but I have a hard time imagining its smaller sensor will be better than X100 at 3200. Plus the lens is slower, so you'll need to shoot at higher ISO than X100/S. Smaller sensory with slower, wider lens in general means more depth of field. You'll have to check the dof charts, does a 28/2.8 have more or less dof than a 23/2.0 (X20 vxs X100)? Definitely 35/1.4 will be shallower, and the 23/1.4 when it ships.

XE1 is pricier, but you have faster lenses available, clean high-ISO.

Obviously you'll have to try these out to see what works best, but I can't imaging the X20 being the best replacement out of the Fuji family for a 5D w/2.8-L glass, at least when you two most important features are clean 3200 ISO and minimal dof...

after selling my 5D nd some good L and 2.8 zooms because I didn't want to lug them around,

especially now with a 6 month old son, and his baby gear...:)

I am travelling to NY friday, and one of the missions is to buy a FUJI.

my logic:

X100 focus and high iso not on par with what I need (clean 3200)

x100s- price and limitatinon of a fixed lens

x-e1 , great, but with 35mm (love shallow DOF) what about the wide angle? price tag...:(

x-e1+18-55mm ( shallow dof gone?) and $1300 price tag..

suddenly i thought to myself: what about the x20? yes, its a smaller sensor compared to x-e1 and x100, and surely the eos 5D, but it has a bright zoom. but I cannot find anywhere online about its high iso capabilities, and shallow DOF...

HELP? need to make a decision soon...


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