Which colour would be best.

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Re: Buy a ColorMunki...
My question to you more experienced computer and printer buffs, is what would be the best profile for me to initiate considering I use a D700 and D800 Nikon cameras.

Your opinions will be most appreciated.

Cheers JB

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If you are only going to use Epson inks then you can buy the ColorMunki Display to calibrate only the monitor. You can also rent a ColorMunki Photo to calibrate the monitor and generate custom ICC printer profiles, costs about $50 for 3 days including the shipping.

For a person that has higher end (costly) DSLRs, printer, computer, one would think that $170 for the CM Display would not be an issue when pursuing quality photography.

Bob P.

I wholeheartedly agree, and depending on how seriously you intend to pursue printing your photos, I warmly recommend going the extra mile and getting the CM Photo.

When I got into printing and was scouring this forum for information, I stumbled upon some videos on calibration and profiling, made by jtoolman, and I immediately realized the importance of a profiler. I actually got my own CM Photo very soon after that, and I consider it an essential investment in photography/printing, with the pricetag of just a midrange lens. All things considered, I think it is very good value for money, and definitely worth it.

Now I am free to experiment with any brand of ink and paper, and I am never left guessing as to the color or brightness of the final prints. It takes the randomness out of the whole process of printing and makes it a satisfying WYSIWYG experience, really.


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