Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: Their cameras all look dumb...

Well, Canon and Nikon will get some mirrorless customers, especially those that are current canon and nikon lens owners that are in love with there lenses.

Sony's Nex Line is a joke! the 7 sucks, with its video overheating issues, and poor QUALITY Lenses! I did not buy the Nex 7 to use old glass and different adapters and lose many body functions! There lens line is soft, I know, I have three of them I'm trying to get rid of.

How is NEX AF in your experience?

It's Ok, too slow for video IMO, hunts a little in low light. I would say average. One of the really big features being taught ed in the Panasonic bodeis, especially the GH3 is it's very fast focus, and it's contrast detect, not Phase detect. Many reviews I have read from enthusiasts to pros, have said it is the fastest Autofocus they have ever used, even faster than canikon bodies.

Do a little research on the GH3 and you will be presently surprised.

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