A runner's camera (advice needed)

Started Mar 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
Cipher Senior Member • Posts: 2,643
Re: RX100 maybe?

I'd seriously consider a Sony RX100 for that use. Smaller and lighter still with excellent IQ. Now it is certainly not going to handle like an E-M5, so if you are fussy about ergonomics and can tolerate the extra size and weight of the E-M5 then that would be a better choice. Also the RX100 is of course an expensive camera with a fixed lens. So if you are moving to m43 eventually the E-M5 might be the more economical path. But if I was worried about weight and willing to fiddle with a smaller camera I'd use the RX100. It is what I use on long hikes where I don't what to carry the m43 kit with me. Excellent IQ sensor wise and the lens optics are quite good as well (but not quite m43 prime quality of course).

Just a thought out of the box...

I tried running with the RX100 once, but there's a moving part in it that you can feel bouncing...so I stopped for fear of damaging it.

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