just got my first printer (R3000) . what consumables to buy?

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Re: just got my first printer (R3000) . what consumables to buy?

Please do not misunderstand my comments about keeping the OEM ink. I am a fervent supporter and user of several 3rd party inks. I did not purchase my 3880 until I knew that at least 2 other sources of reliable, robust refillable carts and inks were available.

During the last decade I diligently researched the 'pool' of inks available for my Canon 9xxx's and then recommended OCP inks for my choice-AND the continued use and TLC of the OEM carts. Refilling the Canon carts for the grand cost of $0.35 each instead of $14-16 paid for a lot of glass!!

With the Epson my cost savings were substantial $9--19 to refill a cart. However, one had to buy a set of refillable carts at a cost from $99--180. But this investment negates the continuous purchase of Epson OEM carts newly up-priced to ~$60 each.

Quality??? I profile all my paper-ink combos, achieve fine IQ, especially for my B&W. For more info search my postings here  for more how2!!

good luck  irv weiner

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