Here's yet another example of how badly Aussies are getting ripped off...

Started Mar 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
Mahmoud Mousef Senior Member • Posts: 2,604
A word from Julia Gillard...

FYI We never see the type of deals that Amazon, Newegg, B&H and Adorama have.



Our role in the global economy is digging stuff up from the ground and buying them back in the form of finished goods from slave countries (of which we are one).

We call this practice 'globalisation' and we are referred to as an 'advanced economy', and as such, we shall be taxed through the nose so we may enjoy our 'standard of living' and 'world-class infrastructure'. If we stop paying our taxes, the infrastructure will decay. And us politicians won't be able to go on unrestricted spending sprees on the public purse any longer.

Please continue paying your taxes and be thankful you have a job to be able to import these wonderful technical marvels tax-free. We are working on changing that.


Juilia 'robotron' Gillard.

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