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Re: No More Gloom and Doom

But if you do not purchase a Zuiko lens, how can you possibly photograph and otherwise document all the gloom and doom? There has been so much of late, after all. Craig needed a massive lens in order to be sure and capture all the shots of the gloom and doom. The Zuiko 90-250 fit the bill just nicely, thank you very much.

Hi Roger, bring on the Doom and Gloom is what I say, because I'm perfectly equipped now to photograph it . . .

I'll shoot the Doom from a safe distance using my E-5 and ZD300
And I'll shoot the Gloom at ISO12800 using my 5DmkIII

And I'll be working until I drop to pay for it all


Way too funny....now I know why I have seventeen of the Zuiko lenses. I feel so liberated now.

Jeeez - I tend to feel guilty about having 9 plus the 3 Leicas.  Now I feel better.   Thank you.   

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