D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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Re:Not true

My friends in Nikon say this is not true.

If the camera has a "quick fix" when you send it in...then all Nikon have to do is supply new batches with a new shutter box and the problem is solved...no need to bring out a new model with different body shape.

Doing what the original post states so soon would destroy part of the customer base, as it would affect the credibility of the Nikon models.

From what I have heard..there are enough problems in Nikon regarding the Coolpix A - now with that camera....I would believe that they would drastically change, partly because of the bad press it's getting.

The D600 overall has been received very favourably (like the D800 with it's faults)

Minor tweaks that we won't be aware of, and that's it I'm afraid.

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