Pastel portrait of a tree.

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Re: Pastel portrait of a tree.

Matteo,  glad you like  it, I'm a bit of a learner at post processing and think I've got the basics, however, one of the things I thought that I would try after a previous post was HDR. There's a bit of a clue with this shot though and if you look at the bottom of the tree trunk you'll see the giveaway. I got the trial of Photomatix and although I cloned the word from my own version I've left it in the posted versions as their credit. This particular shot is not HDR but a one shot Pseudo with some gaussian blur and selective sharpening. I think I will be buying the Photomatix program.

hotdog and BigCatDaddy, also glad that you like. I quite like the frame as is and I do generaly have some kind of border around all of my images. Another shot at the end of this with standard black and white border which hopefully shouldn't be so distracting.

2esetters and tpg77, ethics are wonderful things depending on which side of the fence you are sitting. I'm of the opinion that if I like the final image that is all that matters. Some shots are natural and others contrived but all have their aesthetics and I don't think it's cheating if manipulation of an image produces the required results. My brother in law is a very good commercial artist and works from photographs as and when it suits him, he's not cheating but aiming for realism. I am dreadful at art and if I can come up with an arty type photograph then I feel quite pleased with myself but in no way do I  feel that I cheated over the work of an artist, they have a very definate gift that I wish I had and know that I could never compete with. Photography and art are similar but very different things, however, both depend on the final image which is either liked or disliked and that is why there is controversy in both fields. I personaly wish I could do more manipulation like you can see on the retouching forum and some of the finished images on there are manipulated to extremes but look fantastic in their own right.


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