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Re: Sports Camera

The 5DIII is great for low light, especially indoors where reach is less of an issue. But it's not cheap. I own a 7D which I use for football, soccer, and rugby...the extra reach the crop sensor gives me is great as is the high fps and, even under poor high school lights, I can get good results up to about ISO 4000...maybe a tad more. I have borrowed a 5DIII several times for night sports and there's no doubt that it handles noise better than the 7D (as you'd expect). It focuses fast too.

So..for Canon people shooting outdoor sports where you want some reach I think the 7D with a 70-300 L is a great combo during the day and is usable at night but prefer the combo of a 5DIII 70-200 2.8 at night. I'd love to try a longer 2.8 lens...but price is always an issue. others have depends on what you're shooting, when, and where. That...and plenty of practice.

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