My name is Massimo and Im a Glassalcoholic.

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My name is Maxeythecat and I too am a gentle with me!

I confess at long last...I'm a hopeless glass junkie and I don't know if I can stop or even if I want to. It started back in 2009....I bought a Sony A230 with your standard kit lens and at first I thought it would be enough, right? WRONG....after snapping at anything that moved I just HAD to get closer to them elusive birds n' squirrels n' things, so I went out and got me a 75-300, but even that wasn't enough. I wanted faster, sharper and prettier so I began embarking on a campaign of lens buying that would make even the most dedicated camera-phile green with envy. I did my research n' did my purchasing on Ebay, Goodwill and a dozen other sites like a cat possessed, my lips peeling back into a demonic sneer with every great deal or bargain I could lay my hands on...I was hopeless. I upgraded my camera so of course I had to upgrade my lenses and here I am today, two cameras, 10 lenses and I'm STILL not satisfied. Please don't pity me...I know it's tough and I do my best to resist temptation but every time I see the latest gear my palms get clammy, my whiskers tremble, my pupils dialate and I feel that unbridled surge of happiness as I cruise Ebay looking for yet another deal of the Century. Even at this moment I'm getting ready to take my new Tamron 200 500 superzoom out for a spin...beware all you birds n' squirrels n' critters...I'm doing my damnedest to resist but it's..getting..the better....the better of me...HEEEELP!!

BTW, if you actually believe I was serious about the above then I've got a bridge to sell you too...snksnksnk!

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