Get over it: D800 Focus QC, mass hysteria, and bad photographers

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Re: About ignoring, Leonard

Leonard, again you have ignored why the far right focus sensor seems to do a good job in many those cases you site. I asked you politely to address this point not long ago in another thread but like I just said, you ignored it. It's like I'm watching scenes from "Rain Man" over and over again when you chime in on the left focus topic.

This poster asked him the same question 11 months ago.....

Leonard is unwilling and incapable of answering it.

Then I feel we should be mindful of this being a bit of a handicap and politely treat it as such and just not react anymore. I think that will be my move. Thanks for the history.

I didn't mean to give the impression that Leonard is physically or mentally challenged, although....

Just that he has steadfastly refused to answer your question.

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