Anyone here left mirrorless for DSLR?

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Re: Anyone here left mirrorless for DSLR?

The problem with the my X-E1 has little to do with the lenses.  I have a 35 mm f1.4 (about 50 mm equivalent on a full frame camera) that is terrific.  In fact it is a lot better than the canon 50 mm f1.4.  Fujifilm has announced an f1.4 lens which will be a 90 mm equivalent on a full frame camera for the fall..  I also have a 14 mm f2.8 that just arrived.  The Fuji optics are world class (think Zeiss and Leica).  For landscapes, I use the Fuji exclusively.

The problem is their flash system.  I shot the attached picture outdoors.  I used ambient light for the fill, and one 580 EXII in an umbrella for the main light and a second 580 EXII to bring out the highlights in the hair.  Shooting at f2.8 gave me a shutter speed of 1/400 even at ISO 50.  No way I could have done that shot without hi speed sync.  No flash compatible with the Fuji system is capable of hi speed sync.

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