Any TC advice on D7100 with 300mm f/4?

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Re: Any TC advice on D7100 with 300mm f/4?

Many thanks to you all for your advice. I think my conclusion from reading prior posts was that the 1.4 was probably the way to go. But I'm greedy!

Most of your comments have been about the general image quality of the lens/TC combinations. I wonder if I could prompt you a bit more to talk about auto-focus performance and technique with the lens/TC combinations.

Coming from the m43 world, with only contrast detection AF available, I am looking for an improvement in auto-focus for moving subjects. This was the main reason behind my question about which TC to use. I know that if I use the TC-14, my maximum aperture is F/5.6 so AF should work according to Nikon on all AF points. I know that it should work with a TC-20 with the centre point.

However, what I don't know, is what the AF does when I go beyond these limits. Suppose I use the 300mm f/4 with a TC-17 (i.e. max A f/6.3). I set AF-C and 9-point dynamic area AF. Does the AF still work at all on AF points away from the centre point? If it works at all, is it slower or less accurate? Does it work sometimes say in bright light?

I am floundering a bit because I don't know how to use Nikon focus modes. On m43, for BIF, I would use AF-S with a medium sized focus box and I might get a 5-10% success rate. On the D7100, what would be the best AF setup to use to shoot a medium-sized bird (say a Raven) flying towards me from 100m away? Would this change depending on what the maximum aperture of the lens/TC combination were?

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