NEX 7 with 50mm versus 18-55 mm

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Re: NEX 7 with 50mm versus 18-55 mm

Leonard wrote:

Will the 50 mm take appreciably better photographs than the 18-55 mm zoom set at 50 mm ?

Thank you.

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No, if you limit the 18-55 to a FL between 24 and 30mm and the aperture to f8, the 18-55 will outperform the 50 in sharpness, especially at the center.

I don't get your point. If you're comparing the 18-55 to the 50 are you suggesting that you can set the 18-55 to 24-30 at F 8 and then crop that photo to a 50 mm equivalent field of view and your cropped image will be better than the 50/1.8 at F 8?

What if you want to shoot at F4? Or F 1.8?

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Jeff Kott

Well I meant to say 40mm not 30mm as the useful range of the 18-55 is 24-40mm. (a typo.) So I am comparing the 50/1.8 to the 18-55 at 40mm, not a big difference in DOF. You could also compare the 18-55 at 35mm to the 35/1.8 but that would be carrying things too far.

What I am saying is that under some circumstances the 18-55 can be a very useful lens; much more so than when first introduced on the NEX-3 and 5. Overall it does not compete with the 50/1.8, but if used carefully on a camera with distortion correction and PDAF enabled, it can be useful.

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