A Cautionary tale for anyone Using Warranty Service from Olympus USA

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Russ Houston
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Re: The Final Outcome

I have to say the response from Olympus has been extremely good. Within a few minutes of sending them an email with pictures a customer support person called to offer a new camera body. By the time I got to the UPS Store to ship back the remains of the old camera I got confirmation that they had shipped me a new one. That is real quality customer service. Had I been a professional services client I would have expected that level of performance but I'm just a consumer.

In the end I'll wait a couple of extra days to get new camera to replace one that is 10 months old with about 9,000 shutter actuations.

Thank you Olympus America.

Glad to hear they made it right, Ken.  However, your experience has made me much more accepting of my bezel crack.  I wasn't really thinking of sending it in before, but now I definitely think I'll just leave well enough alone.  Of course, I could get a new camera out of the deal.....

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