Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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6 years ago, there was no mirrorless. At that point it was way way down the road out of the box thinking.  During that time period, Sony hung its user out to dry from a lens perspective.  They rebadges the Minolta 70-200mm and 300mm/2.8, and then they marked them up a few hundred dollars (despite doing nothing other than changing the word Minolta to Sony).  For years they had major holes in their A mount lens lineup, and many of those holes still exist now.  These holes existed despite the fact that Sony was handed all of the lens designs for these holes.

Moreover, despite touting the Minolta lenses as a reason to buy Sony bodies, Sony utterly refused to repair any of them - even when there was no corresponding Sony equivalent.  Many Minolta users either got fed up and left (Minolta G glass values on eBay have fallen 33-50% since that time due to these policies), or they hang on and pray that whatever they have doesn't break because if it does it can't be repaired and there is no substitute (such as users of the Minolta 600/4).

Sony chose the most profit laden plan at the expense of a full lens lineup for the A Mount.  I understand why they did it.  But to pretend that Sony didn't have these flaws for the A mount, and that these identical flaws for NEX mount are suddenly going to go away, is flat out foolish. I'm not here to bash Sony - again I've used and liked their bodies.  This isn't brand bashing, this is reality that users need to understand and accept or leave.

Moreover, as it relates to the original article that spawned this thread, these flaws mean that there is a large path that Canikon can use to exploit and pummel Sony.  And Canikon has done so for the A Mount.  For example, if you are a serious wildlife or sports shooter, its really hard to choose Sony.  Canikon knows this - the glass just isn't there.  Now applying this to NEX - Canikon knows that Sony is all over Best Buy and other similar outlets with NEX - but if Canikon can produce small bodies that use APS-C glass, then they have an opportunity to again squeeze out Sony from a market segment.

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