Get over it: D800 Focus QC, mass hysteria, and bad photographers

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Re: Get over it: D800 Focus QC, mass hysteria, and bad photographers

I see that you are an attorney, and I took the trouble to glance at your gallery.

My wife and brother and many friends are attorneys, well we all know attorneys, and we know that with doctors and dentists and suchlike, they are rightfully proud of their expertise, and, frequently, overlook the narrow range of topics in which their expertise applies.  That's human nature.

But, with all due respect, counselor, a quick glance at your photos show that you lack authority in the photographic realm.   It is really easy to improve one's ability to get sharp photos if one does a few things and forgets actually making compelling photographs.   You should not waste another minute on this endeavor.   In fact, at your level of photographic skill,  I would recommend you sell your D800 and get what I bought my attorney wife, the D7000 with 16-85 lens.   You should go out and photograph what you love, what is meaningful to you, and take a course or two or three to learn something about composition and effective post processing.   These are not easy things, like improving resolution.   Very few photos actually require the highest level of resolution, far less than 1%.   What they need is compelling content combined with just enough technique to make that content communicate with the viewer.  If you worked hard and assiduously, in your spare time, in a very few years you could be a quite competent photographer.   At that point you would have the relevant experience to know whether a state of the art professional camera is something you even need for what you wish to communicate.   By then the D800 will be obsolete, and something better will be at hand.

This is the advice I would give my wife, or brother, or any good friend.

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shot in downtown Manhattan. (street photos)

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