Exposure basics, lesson two point one (& ISO)

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what we still disagree on is what the real-world effects of inconsistent ISO labeling might be. Obviously, the example you've been parroting for a couple of days as supportive of your contention that a camera manufacturer could use 'inconsistent ISO labeling' in a way that 'results in them looking better than the competition' is false, as you've (finally) admitted.

Could it be that the contention you were trying to support with that example was also false? Yes Jack, it certainly could. As a matter of fact, it most certainly is.

I would like to make it clear that I have not seen Mr. Hogan offer a single explanation of the mechanism by which a manufacturer could use 'inconsistent ISO labeling' in a way that 'results in them looking better than the competition'.

It seems utterly clear to me (based on things Mr. Hogan has said, and things he has not said) that the labeling, itself, is the mechanism. Mr. Hogan seems to think that 'inconsistent ISO labeling' (specifically toward more headroom / highlight protection) is all it takes for a camera manufacturer to make its cameras produce results that are better than those of the competition. Quaint, but bunk

I think that's clear to most of us who are involved in this particular discussion, so far. One last person to convince, and we can move on to subjects that are actually interesting, rather than rehashing this same old discussion.


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