Question for those with X100 & X100s - important?

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Re: Take both and report back when you can

Hey Wolfywho - thanks for taking the time to write, and no, that's not too forward.

I am very fortunate to be living in a gold-mining town in the Western Australian desert.  Not much of a social life here, but lots of work and very big money.   By vocation, I am normally a High School Teacher.   However, my dear old dad, many years ago, when I wanted to bomb out from high school at an early age - would not let me leave unless I did a trade.   I therefore spent 4 years doing my building and carpentry trade.   I later did the teaching degree at University as a mature age student.

With the huge paychecks here in the gold mining industry (most of the guys are on 120-200K per year), and not enough houses to go around for the workers (or the ones who have houses, many are very old), there is a real shortage of trades people here.  I gladly left teaching a few years ago and have my own building/contracting business.   Loads of work, really good pay, and nice people to deal with.   It seems - like me - half of my ex-patriots from New Zealand are over here - ha.

Yes, I am very blessed and do not take my lifestyle for granted.  I rent my house and live off that income whilst I travel for six months of the year (with the shortage of accommodation here, the rental income is very very high).   Our summers are very hot here in the desert, so I work our winter (April - September), and spend the rest of the year tripping asia taking pic's for the website.   I also make some money from photography, but it doesn't pay all of the bills - ha ha.

I hope that fills you in a bit on my situation.



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