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Re: iPad photo workflow

threeOh wrote:

[...] 2 days ago I shot with a good friend and retired pro who recently did a one day job in Europe for a cosmetics company. $35,000 for a day's shoot, hand the memory cards over to the Creative Director and walk out with a check. His iPad is always with him during travel. Portability, great battery life, communications capability, great display and provides all the capability he needs. No, he does not edit. At his level, retouchers do that in conjunction with the creative director's. We often discuss the iPad and photo management has never come up. We also both have Air's that have been relegated to being left at home during travel.

" hand the memory cards over to the Creative Director and walk out with a check." implies that your friend did not actually have to put the picture files from the whole shoot into his iPad, sort or manipulate them on it, nor export them from it. I think those are the operations which ichatpatrick is finding difficulty with. Though Apple provides manual means for getting photo files into the iPad, it does not seem to provide any direct manual means for exporting them to external media. And (like Google's Android) although WHAT can be done is prominent in PR releases, HOW it can be done is not easy for newbies to find - especially if they are isolated from some helpful genius.

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As noted in the comment, mine was directed at ranalli's "Ipad = waste of money IMO for serious photographers". Simply pointing out that serious photographers have embraced the iPad. My friend also has an Air, but its the iPad that travels with him whether he's shooting professionally (seldom as he's been retired for years) or personal.

While I agree iOS i/o is an issue, even on trips lasting 3 to 4 months, its never been one for me. Its not genius to borrow a hotel, hot spot, computer store, friend's, someone you meet along the trip' computer for 5 minutes. The concept of uploading files to the cloud may be quite feasible in a controlled home environment, its quite another matter when traveling. Good wifi can be difficult to find and, no matter how fast a connection you may have, services like Dropbox don't exactly have fast uploading capability. I use DB but, over the course of 3 years, I've found it frustrating to rely on it. At home, I can walk away and do something else. On the road, sitting at an internet cafe, or in a hotel lobby, etc feels like an eternity waiting for 6 gb of files to upload. Assuming the connection is reasonably stable. An eternity can mean hours, while at the same time, others are waiting for me or I'd rather be vacationing than sitting idle.

There are a lot of discussions that fault the iPad's file system. Yes, its restricted. However, for me its easily circumvented. For those that need to be self reliant, a laptop would be a better approach. I've now gone to a 64 gb iPad mini. While lugging around a laptop, sitting in a hotel editing and uploading images while on holiday is an anathema to me, it works for others.

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