iPad mini as RAW backup

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Re: iPad mini as RAW backup

I have been seeking a solution to a similar problem - how to backup photo files whilst travelling, without using unnecessary kit, or involving wifi that may not be available. Though an Apple user for 3 decades,  Apple tablets have no provision for added memory cards, and the iOS does not appear to suit exporting files to other media. The Apple iPod classic, with an internal HDD, would be an excellent backup device, but appears to lack appropriate software for that role. So it seems my most suitable solution is an Android tablet with a socket for a removable microSD card (to provide extra internal storage), and a USB/SD card connection kit.

This should enable me to get photo files into the tablet, and then export them to USB thumb drives (or, with a powered USB hub, to a portable USB HDD).

Individual needs will differ, but for what it is worth, I use about 40 to 90 GB of storage in a month of travel.

I also want to use the tablet for wifi connected email, maps, travel guides, GPS, reading, and searches, but would not want to take up travel time attempting PP on file.

Although a 10" tablet is very nice for viewing photos, it seems (to me) to be rather bulky and heavy to carry daily, or to hold whilst reading. So I prefer a 7" tablet as more suited to my needs.

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