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Re: iPad photo workflow

threeOh wrote:

[...] Bring extra sd cards and a reader. If/when your iPad fills up, borrow any computer and use Windows Explorer or Apple's Image Capture to move the images from the iPad to the card.

It seems to me that this is the iPad's Achilles Heel as a mobile device. if you cannot transfer files to storage media without the intervention of a computer - or slow and potentially expensive wireless methods - it is crippled as a mobile photographer's aid. Owners of many far less costly Android tablets can upload from, and download to, USB and SDHC storage media (At least, their manuals imply they can, though they may not explain clearly for newbies exactly how it is done) ;-(

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You are absolutely correct. The lack of an accessible file system is a serious drawback for photographers. You need to find work-arounds and I've found borrowing a computer for 5 minutes is quite simple, and a better solution than lugging around our Air or investing in a photo storage drive.

I can't comment on Android tablets.  On the surface they appear to have a friendly file system. On-the-other-hand, I don't read much if anything about them being adopted by photographers.

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