Has anyone been experienced in using Canon G15, Nikon P7700, Panasonic LX7 and Fuji X100?

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Re: Has anyone been experienced in using Canon G15, Nikon P7700, Panasonic LX7 and Fuji X100?

Can you tell which one is better for shooting sharp low-noise picture as well as good video, the Canon G15, Nikon P7700, Panasonic LX7 or Fuji X100?

This section of Forums pertain to 'Challenge Discussions' . Sorry but your question will be better served in the section 'Open Talk' or under the camera brand' s name section. Good luck.

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You do not have to say sorry because it is a challenge question.

I would say the question is still best answered in a more appropriate forum. As to being a challenge question, I believe you are "stretching" it a bit. For one thing, there are no video challenges that I'm aware of here. And by that kind of logic, this forum should be filled with questions about cameras--costs, reliability, low-light shooting, DR, accessories, etc.--simply because the camera will be used for challenges.

Let's be more clear. At the top of this forum, it says, "Welcome to the Challenge Discussions Forum, the place to discuss dpreview Challenges and entries."

Conversely, there are other choices to post your question that pertains to camera specifications:

This one:

"Welcome to the Beginners Questions Forum, the place for beginners to ask questions and get advice from more experienced forum members."

Or this one:

"Welcome to the Open Talk Forum, the place for threads related to digital photography. Threads unrelated to digital photography are not allowed here"

Or the specific camera manufacturer forum of any camera you are interested in.

Or do some actual "work" yourself and go look up each camera in the database. See if there are reviews on them. Look at the specifications on them.

NOW, given the above information, which do you really think would be a more appropriate place to ask such a question?

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