A Cautionary tale for anyone Using Warranty Service from Olympus USA

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Re: Beware Olympus repair? Come-on, really?

It could have been packaged better, but the OM-D is a sturdy camera. With the damge you've shown I don't think any reasonably packed camera would of survived. It would have taken a lot to cause that damage. I have had several cameras shipped in hardly more than a bubble envelope and delivered without a scratch overseas. Not really suggesting anything, but I don't think Oly's packaging as negligence.

I appreciate your experience. You can expect lesser handling with your property if you wish. I expect that when someone is the custodian of my property they will make every reasonable effort to keep it safe. Packing a $900.00 + camera body in a single layer of bubble wrap surrounded by crumpled brown paper doesn't make the grade in my opinion. That is about economy not custodial care.

Whether the camera was damaged due to poor handling (it was) or poor packaging (a contributing factor) does not excuse a lack of care on the part of the shipper. There are many  safe and secure packaging materials besides crumpled brown paper that could have been used that are no more expensive.

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