Mini Mac to hook up to tv?

Started Mar 19, 2013 | Questions thread
uniball Senior Member • Posts: 1,867
Re: Mini Mac to hook up to tv?

We use a mini for an htpc system, works great for viewing video.  Forget about doing any viewing of static images on a tv. Be it text, images or menu bars, it's plain horrible, insufficient dpi and poor image stability (flicker).

My son uses a mini for LR, Aperture and iMovie on an old low spec mini. Works fine for him, though he's patient.

You might want to consider an Apple TV (or other similar appliances) and a mini + display. Our son does have a WD TVLive and it works great for streaming (ethernet or wifi) from a mini to drives attached to the WD or the stream directly to the tv. Not as elegant as the atv but way more flexible.

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