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Re: iPad mini as RAW backup

So I am getting ready to leave on a 5-month trip, and I was thinking about getting an iPad mini. My main use for it would be easy access to my email, writing my blog, and most importantly, backup up, and viewing my RAW files from my D7000.

I've been seeing conflicting information regarding how this would work, or wouldn't work. Here is what I had in mind.

1. Shooting photos with my D7000

2. Using the Camera Connection Kit to get my RAW .nef files onto the iPad mini

3. Use the iPad mini for reviewing photos, as well as uploading the good ones onto Dropbox (or, simply keeping the files on my iPad, and putting them on my computer afterwards)

4. Getting home, and getting my (hopefully unchanged) .NEF files from Dropbox on to my computer

I've seen a lot of weird information here and there, some people saying that the iPad compresses, reduces, or generally degrades the quality of NEF files on import, and others saying that Dropbox for iPad will do the same.

What exactly do I need to know, and would this be a good way to backup photos? Please don't suggest I purchase a Macbook Air, there is a reason why I want the iPad Mini, small size and weight.

Thanks in advance!

I've been doing this for 3+ years on trips that range from 3 to 4 months.

As others have pointed out, there's no compression of the images using the cck.

The only suggestion I would add is forget about uploading to DB. Its more a hassle than anything else. DB speeds can get quite slow at times, wifi may be spotty, if even available. At a practical level I found it did not work for me in Europe. This year I will be doing Thailand and Panang.  Based on my last trip there good wifi speeds are not readily available.  At our son's home in Europe there's a 100mb fibre line and uploading to DB was painful even on that.

One thing everyone seems to have overlooked is there are always computers readily available. I have never had an issue borrowing a computer for 5 minutes to offload iPad images to cards. Hotels typically have them in their lobbies, people one meets along the way, computer stores, hot spots, to name a few. On a Win box, Windows Explorer, on a Mac, Image Capture. If you're anal about backup's, use two cards and mail one back home.

For me your approach has worked well. I've gone from a 64 gb iPad 1 to a 32 gb iPad 3 and now a 64 gb iPad mini for this year's trip.  I have found leaving 10 gb free on the iPad is all I need. Leaves plenty of space for other content and offloading has always been available.

I've been extremely satisfied with this approach. I shoot Fuji X-Trans in r+j as Apple does not support X-Trans raw. Just make sure your nef jpeg previews can display in the iPad and you can shoot raw only.

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