Which colour profile would be best suited to my needs ??????

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Re: Which colour profile would be best suited to my needs ??????

Johanfoto wrote:

john49brown wrote:

I have just recently started to take an interest in making quality prints and to that end I bought an Epson R 2000 printer.

Once I started to print my photos I found that the prints were darker than what was seen on the iMac display, this was compensated for by altering the brightness of each photo prior to printing. Then searching on DP review I find that the recommendation is to calibrate your display which is not a cheap undertaking using something like Colour Munki.

So I started to look at the actual set up controls for the iMac display I found that there are a number of profiles in the colour controls for the display, 6 or 7 of these profiles are Nikon profiles which are probably added when you load up the Nikon software NX2.

My question to you more experienced computer buffs, is what would be the best profile for me to initiate considering I use a D700 and D800 Nikon cameras.

Your opinions will be most appreciated.


None. These are probably camera profiles and have nothing to do with your monitor. You have to calibrate the monitor and create a profile for the monitor.

And then calibrate the printer and you are ready to go.

Calibrating the printer is usually not necessary, because Epson supplies high quality icc-profiles for their printers when used with their paper. Many paper manufacturers also have icc-profiles for you to download. You only need to make your own profiles if you use some special paper that does not come with a profile for your printer.

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