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Re: Why this matters

While I generally agree with the notion expressed several times in this thread that these corporations are merely playing by the rules the government writes, this is still a topic that should concern every citizen. Especially if they are a taxpayer.

The problem is that these Corporations inject millions into congressman’s pockets who write the tax code that works for them & pass or block legislation that benefits them. Some call it lobbying and others call it bribery. Is this news to most Americans’ ?

Because whenever you give someone else a tax break, it means that you have just agreed to pay higher taxes yourself.

And that is because the WAY you collect taxes doesn't change the need for collecting a specific amount of tax to cover your government costs. (Unless you are unfortunate enough to be from the USA or Greece, in which case there is no relationship between spending and taxes.)

If you permit someone else to pay less, then you will pay more.

We do this a lot in the USA, where local governments compete with each other to attract "new jobs" from new businesses, or keep existing jobs from existing businesses. This even happens when professional sports teams threaten to move somewhere else. The various local governments then start bidding against each other to offer them more incentives to stay there. In the end, it is the individual taxpayers who pay more so the huge corporations will locate their business there, or not move to someplace else.

These tax breaks are essentially subsidies for huge corporations.

The problem is more complex than it seems at first. Because if Starbucks or Walmart or anyone else is forced to pay more taxes, then their prices have to go up. So their customers end up paying the cost.

What has Wal-Mart done for the US. Put the small local business’s out of business ? Dodge taxes and send their profits offshore. Stock their shelves with Chinese cr@p ? We don't need them or starbucks

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