Mysterious Moving Rock (E-M5/7-14)

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Not a mystery any more

Hmmm.... That definitely could be it.

Najinsky wrote:

Great image all round; capture, subject and processing. It really generates a lot interest, so much that I began looking for other images of the phenomenon, and I came across this link with this image:

It's seems like it's from a slightly different perspective, but given the backdrop and rock shape it looks like it could be your rock from back in 2005. I wonder how much more of it's progress has been capture on camera?


The mystery on the movement was allegedly solved and explains why the rocks stay in one place for years.

When the rains come here, they really come ! The storm front lays down huge quantities of water, which saturates the surface which has no natural drainage channels. A mud or slurry forms, and int he winds behind the front which are up at 40 knts the stones glide in the biggest gusts on the emulsion under them like telfon for an oil rig derrick.

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