Can Oly really compete with FF?

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Re: Can Oly really compete with FF?

I smile at these types of posts.  They seem like a post to further the misconception of the format.  A FF and a u4/3rds are different instruments.  They are aimed at different markets.  They are not the same and are only comparable in general terms.  A good pro would notice the difference between a current generation FF and its range of lenses and an OMD.  There is a large difference depending on how much you push the envelope - where good pros do.  For the rest whose skill is not up to using the device to the fullest then just about anything will do.  Those of us that don't push past the (admittedly very good) capabilities of the OMD wouldn't touch those of a current generation FF (which are that much better).  For example consider the DXO Rating of the OMD - 71.  The D600 is 94.  And roughly 23 points down from an OMD is the Canon Powershot S110 at 48.  The person asking if the S110 is an alternative preformance wise to an OMD is about as sensible to asking if the OMD is an alternative performance wise to the D600.  My point being that anyone considering an S110 to an OMD is about as sensible as one who matches an OMD to a D600 as alternatives - serious questions would be raised on the selection criteria.

If you like the 4:3 format, a light body, and a good selection of lens in a mid market price, performance and positioning by all means go Olympus 4:3's.  If your accent is on video and like 4:3's go GH3. If on the other hand you'd like the best you can get for under $4K get a D600 or 6D and a good mid range zoom.  If you want better performance in almost all aspects consider the 1DX, D800 or D4.

If anyone thinks that someone needing the high ISO capability of a D4, or its lens selection or its DR would think an OMD is a worthy alternative then something seriously is amiss.  Same thing with someone requiring the resolution of a D800 with one of the better Nikkor lenses and considering an OMD.  They are not comparable - not to say the OMD is a bad camera in any sense but that the criteria that would find both of these cameras on a selection list should lead to some serious soul seaching as I previously observed.

Which brings me to my last observation don't you think its funny not many FF or MF photographers post "I'm thinking of a D4/D800/D600/1DX but I'll buy an OMD because its better at..."?  If a pro gets an OMD it is usually as a complement to his FF systems - like Thom Hogan - but there are other examples.

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