Wedding Wire scam

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Re: Wedding Wire scam

They are asking a lot of money. I think I paid $750 for the year. I compared the hits I got from them with my other referral websites, at $150 a year. I was getting maybe 3 or 4 hits a month from them, and 30-40 with the others.  Decided it was a waste of money.

I got a call from them and told them why I did not want to sign up for another year.

The follow 2-3 months I saw a tremdous increase in hits, but the stats showed they were coming from return sources.. In other words someone was clicking on my website link and not on my website very long It was not from new sources..

I think this policy goes on with buying ciick for ads in a lot of the referrals, like google, FB... And why not, that's how they make their money... Be careful and not stupid.

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