How to clean dry salt water drops on lens?

Started Mar 20, 2013 | Questions thread
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How about cooking?

I have a fairly new 18-55 kit lens, but it doesn't matter it could be any lens. I have taken a few pictures at a very windy beach on the Baltic and some very light water drops got on the lens. I have a rocket blower and lens pen and tried both but i am not able to clean these tiny dry water drops. Before I ruin or scratch the lens, could someone provide advices on how to go about this?

Should I use a damp microfiber cloth? I am afraid of using a dry cloth because the drops seem a bit hard, probably because of the salt.


Just an idea for thought. Have you seen the video for Nikon (?) lens cooking in their repair center?

Are they condensed salt drops on the front (and rear) elements? If it were me, while not really "cooking" the lens, I would use some "steaming" method.

Use a water cattle, protect the hand by cloth or something, hold the lens above the steam mouth jet, let the steam "soften the condensed salt drops", blow it, "extremely lightly wiping it", and repeat the process a few times. Take the time, patient, slowly . . .

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