External Microphone for NEX-7?

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Re: Sony ADPAMA Auto-Lock Shoe Adapter?

What external (stereo) microphone can be used on NEX-7? I would prefer something small, light and under $150.

What's more is that I will be using my D800e, with NEX-7 as backup. I took about 30% videos. I am considering the Nikon ME-1 external stereo microphone for D800e. Is there a way to adapt to the NEX-7? Most probably, I will need a hot shoe adapter. How about the "microphone communication protocol" with camera? Conversely, how about a microphone for NEX-7 to adapt for D800e?

Can video lovers out there please help? Much appreciated.


Found this Sony adapter "Adapt Alpha Shoe to Multi-Interface Shoe".  Anyone uses it? Is this become hotshoe as that on NEX-6? This should provide more flexibility, and can allow the use of Canon/Nikon flash on NEX-7?  Maybe some of the auto flash features will not function.  But it should provide flash triggering, at least?

And with the 3.5mm of the socket of the NEX-7, will this enable the use of Nikon ME-1 microphone on NEX-7?  To what degree will the ME-1 functions on the NEX-7 work? Technology is great.  But technology enables and eases my usage is even better.

Like to hear from your experience, dear fellow forumers.


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