Exposure basics, lesson two point one (& ISO)

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Re: Exposure basics, lesson two point one (& ISO)

texinwien wrote: ...

I do not think that this is a given.

I am glad we agree on most issues. On the others we'll have to agree to disagree.



Excellent! We now agree on at least one more issue than we did an hour ago. You now agree with me that the example you came up with for the purposes of making your case in this thread is invalid.

We are making progress. I'm optimistic that you will soon clear up your remaining misconceptions and thinking errors, and we'll be on the same page.

Looking forward to it!



You miss the point, the bad example I was referring to is not mine - mine was clear in its intent and its conclusions on how a G3 and an EM5 would need to be set up to usufully compare their SNR performance in that situation.

And you've been missing the point from the very beginning .  I don't care which camera is better.  I only care about incosistent ISO labelling and what that means for useful comparisons across cameras and manufacturers.

You only care about defending your bruised ego.

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