Almost a Pentaxian but... optical quality of lenses??

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Re: Almost a Pentaxian but... optical quality of lenses??

Pentax lenses are very good.  But seriously, there are currently something like 30 lenses being offered by Pentax, something like 25 from Sigma and about 6 or 7 from Tamron.  Not to mention the large back catalog of lenses for the K mount. If you can't choose a set of lenses from that offering that meets your needs then you should not be considering any semi pro camera. Incidentally how do you square Nikon's neglect of DX lenses?  Seriously only 17 D X lenses is not a really competitive offering.  You might as well go FF buy a D600 and stay Nikon and deal with the pro's and con's of that course of action.

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