how to take pictures of stars with blue sky & clouds?

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Re: how to take pictures of stars with blue sky & clouds?

The clou is given away in the picture: have you ever seen such a scene with your own eyes?

Of course I haven't. My eyes aren't capable of taking 30 second exposures.

Stars appear only when the sky is really dark. There are no stars ever visible in a blue sky, or am I just blind?

You are blind. The brightest stars are visible during late twilight when the sky is still blue even to the naked eye. That notwithstanding, even when the sky looks dark to unaided eye it can still look blue to the camera because:

Silly of you not to have remembered that such a shot is quite un-natural, impossible on Earth

Silly of you to not understand that the oxygen in atmosphere scatters ANY white light (here: moonlight) and makes it look blue, and that camera at very long exposure can capture enough of that light to make the blue color quite visible.

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