Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: EOS-b Specs here


Not exactly exciting. Very similar to a base model Canon DSLR, just smaller, but it does have an optical viewfinder and that might be assuring to a lot of DSLR users who seem to have EVF-ophobia.

We need to know the size of the mirror. You can't just make an optical viewfinder with a small mirror. Optical viewfinders are only good when they are big and bright. Small mirrors (and the space needed for the mirror to move) mean poor viewfinders. A competitively small optical dslr will be so compromised in the viewfinder that it wont be cpmpetitive with the mirrorless design.

I'd go as far as to suggest that a customer picking up a competitively small optical dslr, then looking through the viewfinder and comparing it to a mirrorless, would rapidly start to consider mirrorless seriously.

Although the size of the mirror itself is unknown, the mirror box size is staying the same (in order to be fully compatible with existing lenses). This makes it unlikely for them to shrink the mirror. They probably just shrank some of the fat and air off the usual APS-C body (of which there is too much so it's not a difficult task), which is a good thing if you are going to limit yourself to relatively compact APS-C format lenses. If your arsenal is mostly FF lenses anyway this would be a rather pointless exercise.

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