Exposure basics, lesson two point one (& ISO)

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It's about fair comparisons - not which is better

AndersW wrote: Let's assume, as in the above example, that the G3 and the E-M5 are shot at the same exposure (same light, same lens, same f-stop, same shutter speed). Then consider the following questions and answers.

Question: If the cameras are set to the same camera ISO, say 1600, will the G3 clip the highlights at a lower light level than the E-M5?

Answer: Yes. It follows directly from the DxO "measured ISOs" of 1481 and 782, respectively, that the G3 will start clipping about one EV before the E-M5 does.

OK, but in fact the G3 was the one properly set up for the assignement. So the EM5 recorded 1 additional stop of highlights that were not called for at the expense of 1 stop of shadows that instead were called for (ok 2/3 of a stop to be precise). You are fired

And so with the other questions. AndersW, if you've followed my posts you know that they are only about two issues: that manufacturers label in-camera ISOs inconsistently and that therefore it is often misleading to compare two cameras' performance at the same in-camera ISO aotbe. I did not bring up the EM5-G3 example, ultimitsu did in a thread titled 'DxOMark's measured ISOs vs. manufacturer ISOs', four threads ago.  I merely chimed in with my opinion and for some reason texinwein and mjancor have been chasing me ever since.

I don't care about the EM5 vs the G3 (I am a DSLR guy), what I care about is fair comparisons.


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