Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: Think again

I've been using Samsung NX10 for 3 years and ...no more DSLR!

Pancake 30/2 is good enough lens and I can place it fixed on  camera in the pocket.

There are more pancakes 16,20,45 and alsoserious lens  85(135)/1,4 for portraits or macro 60/2,8 even kit lens 18-55 is great 50-200 OIS nice bokeh. 18-200 OIS Movie for movies of course, and 12-24 for landscapes too.

The cost of lens is the most pocket friendly and quality is OK.

Body NX20 is quite decent -better thanmy  NX10 but I wait for NX30 to upgrade.

NX rules!

MFT is also great, but more expensive in DOF control issues.

I like Panasonic GH serie and OMD too.

Sony, NEX6 and 7 are OK but i.e 55-200 costs twice than 50-200 OIS for Samsung and it is not better....

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