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Re: Bought a MeiKe RX100

I was looking for a reasonabilly priced waterproof housing for my DSC-RX100.  I was not looking to spend $1000 dollars on a housing to bring my camera with me kayaking.  I will likely not take it underwater that much, and if I do it will be snorkeling in the Caribbean from time to time.  The alternative would be to buy a waterproof digital camera and leave my RX100 safely on shore.  I did not want to do this as I wanted the opportunity to take some outstanding pictures while kayaking on the Atlantic ocean or where ever.  I also did not want a huge housing like the Ikelight.

Bought a MeiKe RX100 from DiverVision.com for $189.00.  They shipped it from Taiwan to my doorstep on the US east coast by USPS in 4 business days.  With shipping, it cost me $214.00.  Not bad.  DiverVision was very good to work with.

When I opened the box, the build quality looked impressive.  Especially for that price.  The housing was the size of a DSLR, not bad and came with a wrist strap and neck strap, a spare gasket, and a tube of gasket seal grease.  When I put my RX100 into it, I noticed the back up direction button was not working.  When I opened the case, I noticed a rubber contact stub missing from the metal shaft for the button.  I took the camera out and looked carefully and found it rolling around in the case.  I pushed it back on to where it belonged and I was ready to go.

There are a lot of buttons cramed together on the MeiKe.  One for each button function with the center select button raised a little higher than the rest.   I found the buttons more intuitive after working with them for a while, but they may be a little too close together if you are wearing gloves.  There is no way to rotate the back dial with this housing which does not bother me.  There is a twist control on the front at the bottom that works well for the front ring.

What I found annoying, is the shooting mode control that you twist to change shooting modes slips terribly. It is rather hard to turn with your thumb sometimes when not in the case, but a real bother in the case.  If you turn it faster, I will slip, but eventually advance the control several clicks.  But it was unsatisfactory.  To fix it, I cut down some very small nylon washers and placed them under the camera bumpers in the front of the case which moved the camera back slightly.  The shooting mode control worked pretty well after that with only a slight slippage.  The case is rather small, so the screen was easily visible.  I wish they made an attachable display visor for the back.  But seems like waterproof housing designers always have diving in mind.  Noticed no vignetting at all with the lens wide.

I plan to take it out on the ocean off South Carolina this weekend.  The housing will protect the camera from splashing mostly.  Will not go under water unless I capsize or practice eskimo rolling which is a possibility.  Anyway I should have my bases covered as far as water protection.

So far, I am very pleased with the housing, despite the little bit of work I had to do with it.  Its a great housing for the price.  It enables me to take my RX100 anywhere.  I also have the Sony Jacket case which I am very pleased with.  Worked out great for skiing with the RX100 under my coat.  Even had it with me skiing the 2010 Olympic men's downhill.  Fell a few times that week, but the camera is fine.  With the two cases, the RX100 should be a fairly good sports camera as well as just a pocket camera.

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