just got my first printer (R3000) . what consumables to buy?

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irvweiner Contributing Member • Posts: 705
Re: just got my first printer (R3000) . what consumables to buy?

First the absolute essentials:

Lava soap or a gritty mechanics soap.

rubber gloves

paper toweling


moderate size plastic tray in which to actually do your refilling

life insurance policy, for your self, after your wife discovers major inkspill on carpet!

Initially, I would suggest you keep/use your OEM carts. they will allow you to verify the proper performance of the printer and establish a baseline for profile creating skills. Bob Petruska is your go-to guy for 3rd party 2880 refillables; will most definitely respond shortly.

good luck and enjoy your new printer

irv weiner

PS: With regard to papers, buy the sample packs available from the many vendors. A good quality low cost paper is Costco's Kirkland brand. Available in 4x6, 8.5x11 and on special order 11x14 and 13x20, excellent for family and general photos. 150 sheets, letter size is ~$20

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