Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: All at once or nothing at all?

bob2 wrote :

So, we have two camps. One whose methodology is based on controlling the exposure that happens at capture time to determine the output tonality of their images, the other whose methodology is based on controlling it to determine DOF, motion blur and image noise. Add to that that many of the first camp take great pride in their advanced skills in 'nailing' exposure to determine the output tonality and that there are few who would like to evangelise their skills and it's hardly surprising that they take offence if someone comes along and tells them that their fundamental understanding is flawed. But it is.

I don't think this is right :

There are two camps, one that it pragmatic, starting with the three controls effectively present on a camera (well if we exclude dumbed down P&S) and which logically begins with the mere act of shooting the picture. This approach is pedagogically easier because taking the shot comes first and postprocessing comes later. Once the basic triangle is learned, they can add refinements considering postprocessing and whether this could impact the way one deal with the three parameters of the triangle at the time of shooting. Many who shoot only jpegs won't need to go to the second step.

As for the second camp, I don't really understand what they want, nor how they would start teaching a class of beginners ?

Let's just be down to earth and speak of the three basic controls allowing you to take the shot you want. No need to split hairs !

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I always use this to help undertand the basic controls


Same issue as with most of the starters. It hasn't helped you 'understand' the controls, it has given you one model of what they do.

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