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Is there any reason that the original poster, ianmoodya, does not mention mention requesting this info from Epson????  As a 3880 owner he is entitled to request assistance from the Professional Customer Service group, phone# in manual. This should be the first go-to place.

I dont know how sticky the MK default action is, what happens if you accidentally select a glossy, luster or semi-gloss media Will there be an immediate switch or hopefully a warning message???

Without incurring additional costs and maintaining the use of Epson ink I would suggest swapping the chip from the PK cart to a 2nd MK cart and inserting the 2nd MK cart in place of the PK cart. Now if a MK-PK switch gets triggered you will have MK in the printhead and the feed lines, permitting you to continue as if nothing happened. except for the loss of a few ml of ink. BUT you will have no immediate need to switch the inks again. Your unwanted ink loss will be cut in half. I will be examining the benefits, if any, of the default mode.

good luck  irv weiner

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